Wedding Season at The Brass Monkey

Wedding season is approaching and the tradition of gift giving throughout the festivities of a wedding expands beyond just the typical "wedding present". 

There's the engagement party, you must take a gift!  The wedding shower may take on a theme, often geared towards the bride's passions. And then there is the wedding gift for the couple. 

Did you know that Macy's invented the gift registry in the 1920s?

Wedding gifts originated from the notion of a bride price or dowry that was paid to the bride's family. It usually included land, animals, money, and other forms of historical wealth. The first recorded dowry was exchanged in 3,000 B.C.

Something small, endearing, meaningful, is always a treat. We have jewelry, watches, home accessories, barware, and small items to create an amazing gift baskets customized to your happy couple.  Between serving bowls, dish ware, place settings, lamps, vases, blankets, antiques and vintage items, there are so many useful items in the "rooms" of The Brass Monkey gift shop.

Open daily, come shop for any occasion here on Main Street in Downtown Gloucester!


A Little "Nautical Gloucester" at The Brass Monkey

We love being in the heart of Downtown Gloucester, near the waterfront. While we have some popular brands carried in our store, like Tommy Bahama, Hobo Italian Leather Bags, Woolrich, Natural Life, Coco & Carmen (and more!), we also carry unique items that are Gloucester and East Coast specific.  At The Brass Monkey, you can find the popular "Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Cookbook", Gloucester mugs, tea towels and other items, and products with images of our native lobster and other sea life. Look around and you'll be able to choose some fabulous vintage nautical items, perfect from your home by the sea or if you live inland, a warm reminder of your time on our coast.

We love our nautical theme and our ties to Gloucester and Cape Ann, as we are right here in the heart of it. Recently, we stumbled upon this video made by John Theo, a local novelist (see Cape Ann Museum, A walk through nautical history", take a peek!