Wedding Season at The Brass Monkey

Wedding season is approaching and the tradition of gift giving throughout the festivities of a wedding expands beyond just the typical "wedding present". 

There's the engagement party, you must take a gift!  The wedding shower may take on a theme, often geared towards the bride's passions. And then there is the wedding gift for the couple. 

Did you know that Macy's invented the gift registry in the 1920s?

Wedding gifts originated from the notion of a bride price or dowry that was paid to the bride's family. It usually included land, animals, money, and other forms of historical wealth. The first recorded dowry was exchanged in 3,000 B.C.

Something small, endearing, meaningful, is always a treat. We have jewelry, watches, home accessories, barware, and small items to create an amazing gift baskets customized to your happy couple.  Between serving bowls, dish ware, place settings, lamps, vases, blankets, antiques and vintage items, there are so many useful items in the "rooms" of The Brass Monkey gift shop.

Open daily, come shop for any occasion here on Main Street in Downtown Gloucester!


Easter & Spring at The Brass Monkey

As our children grow and change, so does the gift giving, especially when it comes to Spring & Easter Baskets. Our kids may be growing up, but the tradition stays alive, along with grand children. Easter is April 1st this year! (will you celebrate Easter or April Fools Day or both!?)

Here at The Brass Monkey we can help you with gift suggestions. We can show you our special jewelry pieces, chocolates from Harbor Sweets (have you tried the Sweet Sloops!?!?!), stuffed animals, clothing, cards and more.

Stuffed bunnies and chicks are always a great way to top off any gift!

If you're entertaining this year, welcome your family and friends to a table filled with table settings that reflect your personal style, found here in our store.  Not entertaining this holiday? Pick out a piece for the hosts of your Easter dinner! Choose a special piece from Simon Pearce or create a gift bag from our Stonewall Kitchen selections!



Living by the Sea

When we live by the sea, we surround ourselves that remind us we are here. Living on Cape Ann, we are surrounded by ocean, on all sides, it seems. 

What's your favorite beach? What are your favorite nautical finds for your home that remind you of the days at the ocean? What nautical items are you looking for that would make your home or garden complete? 

Come see us here at The Brass Monkey, and explore!

In the meantime, plan your visit to one of our fabulous local beaches!



Stonewall Kitchen at The Brass Monkey

Who doesn't love Stonewall Kitchen jams, jellies and mixes? Sunday morning brunch at home has never been better....OR...Breakfast for dinner anyone? Want that great soup simmering and smelling like a cozy Winter evening? 

Stonewall Kitchen is one of the most popular creators of Specialty Foods; jams, grill sauces, simmering sauces, mustards, dessert sauces, and more and we have it all here at The Brass Monkey. It is great for putting together gift baskets for wedding showers, hostess gifts, birthdays, and more. 

Why the Monkey?

brass monkey

The Brass Monkey is named for the collection of monkeys, brass and ornamental, which both Tom and Lynnee Lance, avid collectors and antiquers, have accumulated over the years.  

Inspired by their findings from their love of travel, they have brought some of their treasures "home" to the Cape Ann area and have always wanted to share with their surrounding community. 

Here at the Brass Monkey, they have created a different kind of shopping experience, where they hope people will come to buy a unique gift, something not found in the big box stores. Take a peek around and see how many monkeys you might find in our shop!

monkey stuffed animal